Thursday, October 11, 2007

The only drug I need

The first time I saw Underworld was 11 years ago and I don't think they could have toured much since as our paths never crossed again until last night. Actually, now I think of it, we did get tickets to see them at Brixton Academy five years ago but had to sell them as we had only just got Max and discovered he was petrified of fireworks. I think the night of the gig was 5th November and we couldn't leave him.

Despite the connection between dance music and drugs I have never felt the need to take anything to have a good night. All I need is fantastic music and space to dance and last night I got both.

Like Sister Sledge I get lost in music and tend to go a bit crazy with my energetic dancing. The wisely priced tickets at £20 discouraged any time-wasters and ensured that everyone who was there really wanted to be there and that there was plenty of room to dance.

During one of my favourite tracks - Cowgirl - I must have got a bit over excited as a girl came up to me to ask if I knew where she could get some pills. When I said no, she got stroppy as if she didn't believe me. Then I noticed that one of the undercover security blokes had sidled up beside me and was giving me dirty looks.

The music was great despite the reliably rubbish UEA sound system and they played most of my favourites. The inflatable probes were quite exciting and I thought they were going to smother the stage at one point.

Karl wasn't as entertaining as the last time we saw him when he climbed the lighting rigging and danced like a mad man in a woolly hat. I suppose he's getting a bit old for it these days - as am I. Actually, when I said music was the only drug I needed it wasn't strictly true. A couple of Neurophen for my post-rave achy back were needed this morning.

Oh, and for the journey we listened to the mellow tones of Radiohead and their In Rainbows album which I downloaded that morning for 3 quid - bargain!



Blogger Princess said...

I got a bit lost in watching the giant screen - Space Invaders and Pong. Cool! I enjoyed watching you dance like a maniac on pills (even though you weren't!) and watching Nick dance like a monkey with flailing limbs.

I liked King of Snake best.

10:14 am  
Blogger Simes said...

I couldn't work out whether the build up was for effect or whether they were just a bit confused about their equipment as they did look a bit like they were struggling. Maybe the house lights should have been a bit lower for some added mystery.

Once they got going so did I. The inflatable sausages were mad and meant no one needed to take drugs.

Hurrah for Underworld!

4:41 pm  

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