Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fancy a brew?

I'm growing my own tea, well ... trying to! I've planted the tea seeds first (I have coffee ones as well but the instructions were too complicated to try doing both at once!)
The tea is (hopefully) germinating in a dark cupboard and in 1-2 months a shoot should become visable. The coffee needs a much warmer cupboard than I am able to provide since we do not have an airing cupboard or similar in the house. And anyway, the tea is the more important. I am not particularly green fingered so we'll see what happens but I hope to be brewing up the leaves later this year.


Blogger Princess said...

Wow, what a great present! I wonder who bought you that for Christmas...?

I hope it works and it doesn't just turn into a pile of useless, undrinkable mud. That would be sad.

Great to see you back on the board x

3:31 am  

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