Friday, March 23, 2007

Five things you may not know about me...

My good friend Badger set me a challenge to come up with five things that people may not know about me. I'm sure that they won't all be a surprise but the best I could come up with at the present time!

1) I have a fear of jelly beans

2) I belong to a secret film club, which very rarely watches films

3) When I was very little I used to enjoy sitting in a bowl of water in the garden and then making 'bottom prints' on the patio

4) Due to my love of stamps and ink pads I had ambitions to work either in a post office or a library. Now these professions are computerised, I have lost interest

5) An Australian relative of mine (great uncle or something) played cricket for Australia for many years and I am reliably informed that he was very good. His name is Ian Redpath