Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hold the bells

Tonight I achieved a childhood ambition and rang church bells. A very nice couple at St Andrew's church in Great Ryburgh gave me a one-hour lesson on the rudimentaries of bell ringing and allowed me to have a go at doing some ringing myself.
After climbing up a very long ladder to get to the top of the church's cylindrical tower I was shown the bells which date from the 16th Centuary and the mechanics were explained. After a nervous descent of the ladder I was given a demonstration of the ringing techniques and allowed to have a go myself. It was good fun but I soon realised that it takes a lot of skill to be able to ring properly. When the rest of the Ryburgh Ringers arrived for their Thursday evening practice I was treated to a display of their bell ringing. I was made to feel very welcome and I may go back again to learn more.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dad # 9 - John McClane

Ok, so he might not remember your birthday or turn up to your violin recital but the school bullies would never dare steal your lunch money.

Fancy a brew?

I'm growing my own tea, well ... trying to! I've planted the tea seeds first (I have coffee ones as well but the instructions were too complicated to try doing both at once!)
The tea is (hopefully) germinating in a dark cupboard and in 1-2 months a shoot should become visable. The coffee needs a much warmer cupboard than I am able to provide since we do not have an airing cupboard or similar in the house. And anyway, the tea is the more important. I am not particularly green fingered so we'll see what happens but I hope to be brewing up the leaves later this year.

I'm back!

The past few months as a full-time carer have not left much time for blogging but now that my services are no longer required, normal service can resume....